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Research Proposal Writing Training


The most important element of successful grantsmanship is consistency between the sponsor's agenda and the needs of the applicant.  Great ideas and wonderful proposals get funded only when they're submitted to funding organizations whose interests parallel those of the applicant.  The research process facilitates making that match.  Grant Services Corp. takes the time to understand each client's programs and operating environment.  Once we know who you are, we proceed to identify those foundations, corporations and government agencies whose profiles indicate good potential for funding.

Key Benefits

bulletMaximize Chances for Funding
bulletNo Wasteful Shotgun Applications
bulletBecome Familiar with Potential Sponsors Sympathetic to Your Mission


Grant Services Corp, uses only the most up-to-date, comprehensive  resources.  We research multiple sources to deepen the level of detail for your search.  Our methods ensure confidence that the list of potential sponsors includes all possible sources, but only those likely to make a grant to your organization.

Multiple Sources
Different publishers include varying amounts of information in their profiles.  Using more than a single source uncovers nuances that can make the difference between a grant and a rejection.
Comprehensive Searches
We tailor the search to the client.  We segment the search results to include large national foundations and agencies that may be prospects as well as the local and regional foundations in your area.  We provide names of officers and trustees to enable clients to determine if personal contacts exist between their organizations and the potential funders.  We also include those small family foundations that don't accept applications and help determine if contact can be made with them.  We evaluate and rate all sources to ensure realistic expectations.
Depth of Detail
There's no substitute for primary sources.  We don't rely only on directories and databases, but review the material published by potential sponsors as well as their 990s.  We obtain all government applications packages.




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